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Warm Welcome,

My name is Natalia Gentilcore

This is a space for our personal grow.

A safe space for you to connect with your body, your inner wisdom and create the most authentic version of yourselves.

“We all interact and show ourselves to others in our own unique way. At the same time, we are all connected in the same field of energy.

My art is a reflection of my inner self that I want to share with you in a specific moment of time.”


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The London Photo Show Exhibition,
Oxo Tower   |   Energy Expression Project


2023 - 19, 20 and 21th October
The Holy Fair, 
The Truman Brewery
 | RAM Paintings

RAM Workshop
2023 - 5th October
Reiki + Art + Meditation - Balance your Femenine and Masculine Energies



Natalia Gentilcore is a creative, curious and intuitive soul, who loves to bring balance and harmony on every one's life.


She is here to create beauty into this world, to help us remember to come back to our core being, the wisdom that lives within us, and connect with our body.

She is an artist, architect, Chopra meditation instructor and Reiki Master.

Her passion about nature and wellbeing lead her to learn about neuroscience, emotional awareness, ancient philosophies into discovering your best self, astrology, crystals, among other holistic natural therapies.

Promoting wellbeing and mental health awareness in the architectural offices she works.

Natalia believes that we are the artist and architects of our own reality, that our life is a canvas ready to be coloured with our thoughts and emotions, a visual bridge or expression of one’s soul essence.


She has been connected to paintings since little, but forgot the joy that brings her once immerse in the technical world of construction. An intense separation reminds her to came back to that place of joy and playfulness. She started meditation, found that crystals amplify the connection with herself and become a Reiki Master.

Nati uses photography and art as a way of expression.

The photography projects are a mix of painting and photography techniques used to create abstract artwork representing people’s energy and emotions.

While painting is an expression of her soul. She uses Reiki, art and meditation as part of her own painting’s creative process. She connects with Reiki to channel healing energy to create meditations that allows balance and alignment to our energetic centres.

And also, she uses this method as her own medicine, to transform and alchemise her anxiety, emotions, feeling or experiences; connecting back with her essence.


She is currently studying Chopra health and Dharma Coaching to help people to create the most authentic version of themselves, to remember that all your answers to your questions lies within you and empower your fullest expression.

  • Architect 
    Universidad Nacional de Rosario | Argentina
  • Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master
    Level I & II: The Reiki Science Academy, Master: Reiki Maya | London
  • Chopra Meditation Instructor
    Chopra Centre
  • Art Life Coach
    Transformation Academy
  • Mental Health First Aider
    MHFA England
  • Soon - Life Purpose Coach and Chopra Health Instructor
    Dharma Coaching Institute | Chopra Centre
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