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Photography Exhibition
The London Photo Show, Oxo Tower   |   Energy Expression Project

Natalia Gentilcore is a person who loves to bring balance and harmony on every place she walks in.

She studied architecture in Argentina and moved to London to work.


She has been connected to paintings since little, but forgot the joy that brings her once immerse in the technical world of construction. An intense life experience reminds her to came back to that place of joy and playfulness. She started meditation, found that crystals amplify the connection with herself and become a Reiki practitioner.


She promotes wellbeing and mental health awareness in the offices she worked and share this passion with anyone in need.


Nati uses photography and art as a way of expression.

The photography projects are a mix of painting and photography techniques used to create abstract artwork representing people’s energy and emotions.

While painting is an expression of her soul, she uses Reiki and meditation to connect with the universal energy and express it in colours.


“We all interact and show ourselves to others in our own unique way and at the same time, we are all connected in the same field of energy.

My work is a reflection of my inner self that I want to share with you in a specific moment of time.”


As a creative person who loves to inspire and encourage everyone to nurture their light and express themselves. She offers you to work together and help you to connect with your full potential.

Be in touch to work together in exciting projects!

'Pause, breathe and just be'

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