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Connect Experience

Connecting and bringing awareness to our deep desires is a gift we give to ourselves.

Connect experience is a workshop that gives us the space to do it through meditation, painting and photography.

Through meditation we reconnect with our inner child and future self and give them a voice to express. After the meditation, we allow ourselves to capture the experience in a paper with words and phrases. Phrases that are always there for us to be listened to.

The second part of the workshop is where we play with colours! Choosing colours that represent us or we saw in the meditation. Together we think of the design and draw the idea in a paper.

On the final part of the session we paint ourselves and pose in front of the camera.

Allowing our true nature to play and have fun!

If you are interested in being part of a workshop, please feel free to express your interest.

"El taller me pareció super lindo y divertido, se nota que está pensado con mucho amor. 
Pongo en estas palabras mi experiencia:
Cerrando los ojos para buscar adentro, descubrí que cuando siento cosquillas en la panza es mi niña interior señalando el camino."

"I found the workshop super nice and fun, it is thought with a lot of love.

I put my experience in these words:
Closing my eyes to look inside, I discovered that when I feel tickles in my belly it is my inner child pointing the way."


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